Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Woman Receives Cochlear Implant, First Thing She Hears is Her Boyfriend Proposing

This marriage proposal thankfully went in one ear and out the other! Cochlear Implant recipient, Andrea Diaz, was only planning on receiving one life-changing message on the day that she was able to hear again. Little did she know her boyfriend, Kevin Peakman, had another milestone moment in mind!

What's better than a marriage proposal from you forever love? Perhaps being able to hear them say it! That was the case for this formerly deaf bride-to-be, (who had completely lost her ability to hear) before receiving a cochlear implant to repair her hearing, the Huffington Post reports. The surgically implanted electronic device, which is used to replace the function of the damaged inner ear, works by processing sounds then delivering them directly to the brain. A video captured by the University of Mississippi Medical Center shows Diaz's milestone hearing moment, along with one other unexpected one! It wasn't until Peakman's then-girlfriend emotionally revealed that she could hear post-implant that he surprised her with the question of a lifetime!

Before pulling out the surprising engagement ring box, an elated Peakman began his epic marriage proposal by saying, "I wanted to make one of the first things that you hear..., " before trailing off and starting again with the ring. "Because I love you so much and you're my best friend, baby. I wanted to make the first thing you hear me asking you to marry me." Now that's how it's done!

Immediately after the epic proposal, the future Mrs. Peakman couldn't help but release her emotions through a touching flood of happy tear. After a joyous, "Yes!" from Diaz, the newly engaged couple wasted no time celebrating their blissful moment with a long awaited embrace. Also in attendance for the milestone event was Diaz's mom, who is seen in the video as one of the first people to speak to her newly hearing attentive daughter. The technician in charge of adjusting the bride-to-be's new implant is also seen beaming in the background of the touching video, taking in every aspect of the sentimental memory.

One thing's for sure, this lucky bride will never forget her proposal story!



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