Tuesday, July 19, 2016

4 Sexy Items You Can Add to Your Registry (And Not Be Embarrassed)

sexy items for wedding registry
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As Gloria Brame, Ph.D., sexologist and author of The Truth About Sex: A Sex Primer For The 21st Century, says, "the more sex loot, the merrier." That's true even when it comes to your wedding registry, where you can safely add sexy items while saving face — seriously.

Of course, adding items to your wedding registry that are meant only to enhance your sex life can be tricky. After all, "you may not want Aunt Matilda to know what kind of sex toys you prefer or your brother to know what brand of lube you use," says Brame. These items are best added to a secret registry you share with only your closest, most trusted friends. "Or maybe you'd rather get your groom involved and create a wish list together with items for both of you," Brame suggests.
But if you can think beyond sex toys to some safer options, you can give your sex life a boost without your guests being any the wiser. Here, Brame says, are four sexy items you can add to your registry without feeling embarrassed.

1. G-Rated sleepwear.
You might not want dear ol' Aunt Matilda to buy you a see-through teddy. But she and your other guests might also be happy to help you splurge on plush robes, boudoir slippers, or even a lace-trimmed nightgown. "Things like good quality robes do not come cheap, and are something you and your groom will appreciate for years to come too," says Brame.

2. Silk sheets.
You don't want your wedding guests to know what you're doing in bed. But adding silk sheets to your wedding registry doesn't obviously point to sex — though it will make the act more pleasurable, Brame promises. "You will feel good and so will they, knowing that you are both wrapped in luxury on your wedding night," she points out.

3. Body care products.
Brame recommends adding skin cream, hair oils, massage oils, aromatherapy kits, personal grooming kits, candles, specialty pillows, "and other small luxuries that will make your bedroom a sensual palace." Why? Because, as she says, "pampering yourself will make you feel like a sex goddess."

4. Hotel amenities.
Calling all brides and grooms with an alternative registry, such as a honeymoon registry: If your hotel offers amenities like an in-room couples massage or other spa indulgence, feel free to add these services to your registry. "These items will pump up the romance and intimacy during your honeymoon," says Brame, "and keep your sexy hormones on high."


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