Monday, July 25, 2016

Democratic National Convention Staffer Proposing to His Girlfriend Will Give You All the Feels

democratic national convention marriage proposal
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Love conquers all! Amid some Democratic National Convention news-worthy controversy before the start of the event, a marriage proposal showed that not everything political is in turmoil. Case in point: DNC staffer Andrew Binns proposed to fellow colleague Liz Hart on Sunday night, in an adorable proposal on stage at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

democratic national convention proposal
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Binns, who is the Chief Innovation Officer of the Democratic National Convention, planned this epic marriage proposal to happen the day before the start of the convention, according to the The Daily Mail. His unsuspecting girlfriend and DNC staffer, Hart, was on the stage while a video played — which finished with a picture of the sea and sand. But it wasn't just any photo of the beach; on the sand was the question every girl in a loving and happy relationship wants to hear: "Will you marry me?" Behind Hart was her soon-to-be fianc√© who had knelt down on one knee with a ring, as she stood stunned with surprise. The two embraced, and the couple walked off stage with Hart still in total disbelief.

DNC proposal andrew binns laura hart
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Her crafty hubs-to-be had invited their friends and family, who were there to embrace the newly engaged couple. Most of the DNC staffers were there to witness the engagement as well — some of whom had also been instrumental in producing the event.

democratic national convention marriage proposal kiss
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"It was the one event, every four years, where we have so many friends and colleagues all in one place at the same time," Hart shared with NBC Philadelphia. "I thought we were just taking another photo together, but it turned out to probably be the best photo that we'll ever have!" she exclaimed happily. "We've been working on the convention for a long time; it's a historical point for our country, and now a historical point for us," her groom-to-be added.

The key to pulling this off without a hitch (especially with the MAJ Secret Service security presence for the main event starting Monday night)? The groom noted that telling as few people as possible to make sure it stayed a secret — which we'd have to agree is pretty sound advice — but quite difficult to do at a political convention!

The couple works on Studio 2016, the live pre-show for the convention. They met in 2013 in Mumbai while both serving on the team for Vice President Biden, The Daily Mail reports, and their first date was actually at the Taj Mahal. Talk about setting the bar high! The couple moved to Philadelphia this year so that they could work on their first event together with the DNC Committee.

Regardless of the election outcome, one thing is for sure: this guy just won "Proposal of the Year" in our book, and we're sure there will be an epic wedding celebration to follow!


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