Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pinterest Announces the Hottest Wedding Trends of 2016

Pinterest is not only the holy grail of wedding inspiration, but with over 100 million active users, it also offers a fascinating glimpse into user behavior. In honor of the one-year anniversary of marriage equality, they've released a list of the most popular wedding ideas on their site, along with data on up-and-coming trends. Here's what's resonating with brides across the country:

1. Unplugged Ceremonies
Custom wedding hashtags can be a goldmine for touching and hilarious photos, and many newlyweds display signage throughout their reception encouraging guests to capture candid moments. However, when it comes to the ceremony, some prefer to ask guests politely to "unplug" from their phones and abstain from snapping pics. Tech-free "I dos" are gaining traction — according to Pinterest data, searches related to this topic are up a whopping 600%.

2. Honeymoon Registries
Honeymoon fund inquiries on Pinterest are up 200% this year — and it's no wonder, considering that gifting-focused apps like Amazon, Honeyfund, and Zola are revolutionizing the way that newlyweds-to-be search and register for items. You could add that KitchenAid mixer you've always wanted (but were never able to afford), collect funds for your dream vacay to Hawaii, and even register for a crash course in cooking, all in the same place. Imagine the possibilities!
SaveBridalGuideWith just a few taps on your phone, you can not only set up your registry in minutes but also seamlessly link items from different retailers into one universal wish list, creating a one-stop shop for guests.

3. Circular Ceremony Seating
Add a fun, non-traditional element to your wedding ceremony with circular seating, which is up 80% in searches. Unlike a traditional ceremony format, where the bride and groom have their backs turned, circular seating provides a better visual aspect for everyone involved. Although standard seating may be the only feasible option at a church or temple, non-religious venues and outdoor receptions offer more flexibility.

SaveBridalGuideWOW! This winding aisle would be fun to walk down, and gives everyone a front-row seat as you pass by! A very intimate and unique ceremony setting.

4. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
Bridesmaids, rejoice! Instead of being tied down to a one-size-fits-all-dress, more bridal parties are rocking complementary styles that flatter each girl's figure and personality (searches are up 50% this year). Allowing for some creative freedom also helps to ensure that the bridesmaids don't spend more than they can really afford on the big-day look. Just be sure to give a few guidelines as to what color, length, or fabric you prefer.

5. Toss Bars
"Toss bars" featuring rose petals, confetti, pom poms, and other sendoff items are trending, up 30% this year. Guests will love celebrating your union with this creative twist on tradition.
SaveBridalGuideDuring your first kiss, have your maid of honor and best man pull strings to release a shower of confetti!

6. Casual Dining
Budget-savvy couples are gravitating towards low-key catering options, like food trucks (searches related to the term are up 30%) and buffets vs. the traditional sit-down dinner. Tasty late-night bites, such as sliders and mini tacos, also continue to reign supreme.
SaveBridalGuideGive your guests what they really want by curating a unique, casual menu featuring anything from pigs in a blanket to gourmet pizza.

On the Rise

1. Non-Religious Venues
When it comes to finding the perfect venue, brides and grooms are getting inspiration from their own backyard (searches for backyard weddings are up 25% since last year). A sentimental locale imparts an intimate and casual vibe that offers lots of opportunities for personalization. Scenic beach weddings came in at a close second.

SaveBridalGuideKeep your wedding ceremony altar subtle but elegant. A wooden structure and potted flowers take a cue from the outdoors, with gauzy drapes completing the look

2. Asking a Friend to Officiate
Hosting a non-denominational ceremony? Consider asking a close pal or relative to do the honors of officiating, which adds an ultra-personal feel to the ceremony and speaks immensely to your relationship with that person.

3. Creature Comforts for Guests
Savvy couples are stocking up on basic bathroom necessities, bug spray, snacks, and other low-cost items to help keep guests comfortable and happy on the big day. Provide seasonal items, like blankets for a cold and chilly winter affair or fans for a sweltering hot summer's day.
SaveBridalGuideCreate a relief station armed with bug spray, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer so your guests can enjoy your big day.

4. DIY Desserts
While wedding cakes will always be here to stay, more couples are looking into do-it-yourself dessert stations. Pins with s'mores bars, caramel apples, and even "pimp your own" cupcakes are the most popular.

SaveBridalGuideUnique Wedding Ideas - Unique Weddings | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

5. Alternative Wedding "Programs"
Featuring one oversized sign detailing the events of the day is a great way to cut down on costs. Order fewer stationery items than your guest count on the details that don't need to be one per person. For example, menu cards can be swapped for a larger sign or one per table.
SaveBridalGuideThis sign made of plywood has a country feel. You can’t miss a wedding itinerary when it’s displayed this big!

6. Groom-Approved Ideas
Modern couples are planning their wedding as a team. Images featuring wedding ideas that guys like, too (ranging from d├ęcor to stylish accessories to food) are on the rise.


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