Tuesday, August 9, 2016

5 Ways to Politely Tell Guests That Your Wedding is Social Media-Free

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    It's the year 2016, and everyone knows that wedding guests are using their phones during weddings. But if you're worried that your guests will be staring down their phones the whole time and not enjoying the moment, you may want to create a social media rule to prohibit cell phone use. Whether it's because guests are Snapchatting or playing PokémonGo, it can be very intrusive and cause some to not be able to enjoy your special moment "in 3D." To spread that message without making guests angry or upset, here are five polite ways to tell your guests to put their phones away on your big day.

    Make It Funny
    Send out a GIF or a funny slideshow of wedding social media fails and explain that you don't want these to happen at your wedding. It'll give your guests a laugh and be something that is memorable yet endearing. Chances are when they try to post a photo on Instagram as you're walking down the aisle, they'll remember your funny .

    Ask Them Early On
    Put a note in the invitation so that your guests know ahead of time that you're having a social media-free wedding. That way, they won't be shocked or surprised on the big day.

    Give Them an Incentive to Be Phone-Free
    Let them know all the cool things at your wedding they can do when they aren't wasting time scrolling through Facebook during the reception. Maybe you're having a ice cream sundae bar or a photo booth — let them know of all the fun that is to come.

    Pin Up a Sign When They Walk In
    A small sign placed strategically at the entrance of your ceremony area is an easy and efficient way to spread the message before the wedding begins. Guests will all see the sign at the same time, and it will serve as a friendly reminder to keep their phones off.

    Have the Officiant Give a Reminder
    Before you walk down the aisle, ask the person officiating your ceremony to make a statement about refraining from posting on social media during the ceremony.


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