Thursday, August 4, 2016

6 Things That Are Worth Splurging on for Your Wedding

Setting a wedding budget can be one of the most stressful parts of the wedding adventure. Once money comes into play, the idea of your dream wedding goes from large scale to practically impossible. Wondering where you should splurge and what you should skip to save some cash? Here are 6 things worth splurging on for your wedding.
1. Live Music
Whether it's a professional band, a local jazz band, or even friends who play instruments, having live music on deck at your wedding is a guaranteed way to get the party started and have it flowing through the night. Live music is quite the hefty price tag upgrade from a DJ, but it may be worth it to go live for an hour or two during your wedding or even cocktail hour.

2. An Interactive Photo Booth

Most of your guests may be too busy or occupied to pull out their phones and snap photos. Have a photo booth option where guests can get a photo to take home with them at the end of the night and post on social media.

3. Welcome Guest Bags

What better way to welcome guests to your wedding than with awesome treat bags? Invest in these and give guests items they'll use throughout the wedding: Advil, candy, water, and snacks, lots and lots of snacks.

4. Late Night Snacks

Your guests will thank you for this (and you'll be happy too, trust us). At around midnight, have some finger foods or even delivered pizza for guests to munch on before they call It a night.
5. Rides Home
Your guests may have found their own ride to your venue, but most will be too tired or even unable to drive home at night. Have options for paid-for transportation, whether that's a bus or an on-call taxi service guests can use.
6. Yum-worthy Food
One of the most memorable parts of any wedding is the food. Splurge on good quality and tasty food. Your guests won't stop talking about this for months and even years after your wedding.


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