Monday, August 1, 2016

7 Couples Share The Adorable Ways They Celebrated Their First Anniversaries

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Not sure how to ring in your first-year anniversary? Take a nod from these seven men and women, who celebrated the occasion in unique ways.

"We spent a lovely week in a mountain cottage, just the two of us, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What we gave each other was a time. We had time to talk, have fun, and spend valuable time together." — Karolina

"On our first wedding anniversary, we went to Niagara Falls in Canada. I brought a piece of our wedding cake to enjoy. We went out to dinner at the Skylon Tower — the view was amazing, and we tried escargot for the first time. We have celebrated many relationship anniversaries, but this one was very different. It was special because we were officially husband and wife. It is a feeling that is hard to describe but I won't ever forget it." — Felicia

"Our first wedding anniversary celebration was actually our honeymoon and it was absolutely fabulous. When my wife and I decided to tie the knot, I was finishing up my undergraduate degree and couldn't find the time between classes to get away for our honeymoon. Once we were able to schedule our honeymoon, we took an entire month and visited England, France, Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa." — Antonio

"The day before our anniversary, I took a pregnancy test and found out we were expecting. I filled his underwear drawer full of diapers and wrote on one with a sharpie, 'ready or not daddy, here I come!' And on our actual wedding anniversary, we took the top of our cake to my in-laws' house to eat after dinner. I insisted my mother-in-law open it because I had another diaper with a note sitting on top of the cake. She opened it and let out an excited squeal, and then immediately started bawling and hugging every one." — Gabby

"We had a second wedding! Our first official wedding ... was very small and intimate, and none of my family was able to make it. We decided to wait until our one-year anniversary to host a much bigger wedding for my friends and family to participate. The hard part was already over, so this wedding was just a big party for our friends and family to get together and celebrate our love. It was great having the white wedding I had always dreamed of, surrounded by all of my loved ones." — Lisa

"I spent our first wedding anniversary in bed with our week-old newborn daughter. I had completely forgotten about our anniversary until my husband walked in with a card and book, and smiled, saying, 'happy anniversary.' I spent the rest of the day finding him a great card and anniversary gift. He never lets me forgot the look of horror I had on my face for forgetting our first anniversary. We laugh about it each year." — Stacy

"My sweet husband surprised me with a long weekend in Iceland for our first anniversary and birthdays. I was beyond excited to put my passport with my new last name to use. We spent the first day driving the Golden Circle, a beautiful day trip seeing some of Iceland's most beautiful sights, waterfalls and geysers. We explored Reykjavik the next two days, ate some deliciously fresh seafood, and visited the local shops and restaurants. On our final full day, we relaxed and reflected on our trip at the Blue Lagoon, a geothermic spa, with the help of a glass of wine and a face mask." — Kristen


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