Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The 4 Most Annoying Things Bridesmaids Do, According to Real Brides

annoying bridesmaids
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We like to think our besties will make the perfect bridesmaids. But as these brides reveal, they can seriously get on your nerves. Here, they share their biggest pet peeves from their bridesmaids on or around the big day.

"I asked all of my nine bridesmaids to wear silver shoes and one of them showed up in black. I know, I know, not earth-shattering, but I was still kind of annoyed since they wore short dresses and her shoes stuck out in photos. I've always wondered if she forgot or just decided the heck with it. I'm like most women and am super passive-aggressive, so I'm sure I'll never have the guts to ask." — Jeannie

"Taking on the posture that it is your wedding and not of mine. It is one thing to be supportive, share tips, and opinions. But it is a whole different ball game to attempt to take over. I am all on board for hearing and taking advice, but don't be so overbearing to the point where you make the person feel like it's not just a suggestion but a mandate or command. It's only one big day and it's mine, so stand by my side, not in front of me. And when it's your time, I'll do the same." — Chantay 

"I'm recently married, and I would say my biggest pet peeve is bridesmaids who don't realize their role in helping you plan the big day. We're so excited you will be standing next to us on our big day, but we're not just asking you to put on a dress and show up at the wedding. Planning the big day takes an army, and part of being a bridesmaid is being a part of the planning committee. There are so many elements that go into the big day, and trust me, your bride would really appreciate if you offer to help and roll your sleeves up. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and super stressful. That's why she needs your support in the days leading up to the wedding." — Diana

"My biggest pet peeve was with my sister-in-law complaining about paying for her bridesmaid's dress. Part of the problem was that the dress was multi-colored, which was symbolic for both the groom and me but which also meant she was unlikely to ever wear the dress again. Another part of the problem was we had only met once, and she was a newlywed and recent college graduate, so money was tight for her. I think we paid for her dress or offered to. We finally have a functioning relationship, but it has taken a very long time." — Ruth


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