Thursday, September 29, 2016

5 Must-Have Wedding Photos of You and Your Squad

wedding photo ideas
Photo: Haley Sheffield
Formal group photos at weddings are always fun (and a must of course), but the wedding photos you're going to look back on and really love are those in-the-moment group shots of you and your squad. Whether it's the boys chilling and smoking cigars together at the reception or you and your sorority sisters all jumping up in the air at the same time, here are the group party shots you've got to remember to capture for your own good.

1. Friend groups
Wedding planner Marilisa Schachinger of Martel Event personally loves when couples want to do a fun group shot with either the bride's sorority sisters, the groom's med school cohort or even the group of childhood friends that you grew up going on vacations with! "As members of the group get married over the years, keep the tradition at each friend's wedding so you can see the group transform thanks to the photos of the memories. Be sure to talk to your photographer about group shots you'd love captured during the wedding reception and give the appropriate people a heads up about potential timing and a place to meet. For example, tell everyone to meet during the band's first break by the bar."

2. All the kids
If your wedding is kid-friendly, then this one is a must! Gather up all the kids on the dance floor and have your photographer take a picture of you and the groom with them. "It's nice to see later on how much they've grown and how young they were when they shared your special day with you," points out planner Brett Galley from Hollywood Pop Gallery. Plus, it's just too cute!

3. The whole gang (AKA all your guests!)
Having a semi-small wedding? Then get the whole gang together for a picture of everyone. "Sometimes it's possible for the band or DJ to ask all of the guests to join the bride and groom on the dance floor for a group shot," says Bucks County wedding photographer Kate Leigh. "This can be a nice replacement of the old tradition of taking table shots."

4. Random pairings
So many brides get caught up on shot lists to cover the basics (i.e. bride with bridesmaids, the invitations, etc.), but some favorites are always the bride alone with the groomsmen and the groom photo bombing the bridesmaids, notes Kate Uhry of Kate Uhry Photography. "Have fun with it! When you stay too focused on shot lists you miss out on some really fun spontaneous moments."

5. The standard "party pic"
Whether it's one of all the boys kicking back and smoking cigars or a shot of you and your besties toasting with a drink in hand or your arms wrapped around each other on the dance floor, you'll want to get that group shot you'd get at any other party with your favorite peeps in the world. Think much less formal and way more relaxed. The kind of picture you put in a frame because the emotions really shine through and it's anything but staged.


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