Friday, September 23, 2016

Do We Have to Go to Our Own After-Party?

After-parties are every couple's favorite way to keep the wedding festivities going. After all, who wants to stop celebrating when the lights come up at midnight? But while it sounds like a great idea a few months out, the day of your wedding might be a different story. So can you decide last-minute to skip your own after-party? Our experts weigh in.

Whether you're tired, overwhelmed by the attention, or are feeling a little too tipsy, there's nothing forcing you to attend your own after-party — but that doesn't mean it's canceled! Instead, let someone (your maid of honor or best man, for example) who will be attending know that the guests of honor won't be making an appearance so they can let the rest of your guests know not to expect you. You should also make sure they let the venue manager know you won't be attending, so they know not to try to find you with any questions. Make a point to say goodbye to people as your reception is ending so you can catch any guests you might have missed throughout the night, then head to your room and enjoy a few extra hours of sleep!

Of course, you may want to stop by for just a few minutes to get the after-party going before you head to bed. Grab a water or a club soda from the bar if one more drink just isn't appealing, make the rounds quickly, and then make your exit. Who knows, you may get a second wind!
While you can't force guests to stay all night, even with an open bar, have your wedding party serve as unofficial hosts to welcome guests and make sure everyone is having a blast. And make sure to collect all of those late-night stories during your morning-after brunch!


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