Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First-Look Photo Ideas You’ll Love

Many of today’s couples are straying from tradition and opting to see each other before the ceremony in the form of a “first look.” There are a number of compelling reasons to have this private moment together, not the least of which is the wonderfully romantic and adorable photos you’ll get. If you’re thinking about having a first look, here are some ideas that you’ll love:

1. The umbrella. Whether it’s raining or you’re just in need of a little shade, using an umbrella or parasol to mask yourself until the big reveal makes for fun and flirty photos.

2. The reenactment. If possible, do what you can to reenact an important moment in your lives for your first look. You can have it in the place you met or set the scene to resemble where you were when you got engaged, for example.

3. The love letter. Write each other messages of love and exchange them in sealed envelopes before the big day. Then before the first look, open the letters and read them before turning around to see each other. This option is sure to bring on some happy tears, so bring the Kleenex!

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4. The sneak attack. A classic first look shot is that of the bride or groom approaching their future spouse from behind. You can place your hands over his or her eyes to let them know you’re there, then turn them around for the big reveal.


5. The balloons. One of our favorite ideas is having the couple carry a bunch of balloons to the first look site. The photographer can help position you both and then give the instructions on when you should each release the balloons so you can see each other.

6. The staircase. A wonderfully romantic option is to have one member of the couple stand at the bottom of a winding staircase and then have the other member descend the stairs until he or she is in view.

7. The door. It may sound simplistic, but having one person stand in front of a closed door and having the other open the door for the first look can produce some beautiful photos, especially if the door has some character and visual charm.

8. The hand-holding. Stand on one side of an object such as a tree, column, or corner of the wall and have your future spouse stand on the other side. Get some photos of the two of you holding hands and preparing to see other for the first time before you say “I do.”



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