Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thinking Outside the Candle: Wedding Lighting You Haven’t Considered

If you’re thinking of how to make a statement at your wedding, lighting is the way to go. Very little makes as much impact, especially if you think beyond basic candles. Wondering what lighting you should use at your wedding? Maybe one of these ideas will fit the bill:

1. Gobos. A lighting gobo is a custom monogram that is usually reflected on the dance floor or one of the walls at the reception, making it a beautiful focal point. It often has the couple’s names or initials and the wedding date, and might also include a pretty embellishment that reflects the theme of the wedding.

2. Strands of twinkle lights. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, one of the simplest ways to awe your guests is to bedeck the trees with twinkle lights. You can wrap the trees or create dripping icicle-like lighting by hanging them from branches. Another thing we’ve seen couples do is bundle strands of lights under glass vessels, making it look like trapped fairy lights. So whimsical and sweet!


3. Marquees. Consider lighted signage to make a fun visual impact at your wedding. You can have the word “bar” lit up above the bar, for example. A few strategic signs will definitely draw the eye!

4. Chandeliers. You can either choose a venue that has amazing chandeliers or have a special chandelier wired somewhere in the reception as a statement piece. Directly over the sweetheart table is a suitably dramatic spot for this lighting element.

5. Paper lanterns. Numerous paper globes casting soft light offer a wonderfully romantic touch to a reception space.

Wedding Lighting Ideas You Haven't Considered

6. Edison lights. The rise of rustic-chic weddings and retro styling has increased the popularity of glass Edison lights. Strings of these lights across the ceiling of your reception space will create the perfect vintage look.

7. Glowing tables. If you want to make a more understated impact with your lighting, consider placing lights under the tables so they glow from the inside-out. You can use white linens or colorful ones to enhance the glow.

8. Image projections. Lighting companies can create many different looks by projecting images like snowflakes, hearts, or other symbols around the room. These lights can transform a typical ballroom into a winter wonderland or a magical fairytale garden.


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