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7 Tips For Newlyweds Setting Up Their First Home

7 Tips For Newlyweds Setting Up Their First Home
We asked the very talented Christian Zavala of Zavala Interiors for some interior design advice and his 7 tips he would give newlyweds to help them decorate their new home. With over 10 years of experience creating chic and beautiful homes for his clientele, Christian has created a style that is contemporary, yet metropolitan, sophisticated, yet comfortable, and above all, classically “now.”
Christian tells us, “Aspire to create an experience that you and your partner will look forward to coming home to. You are now home - your nest, your sanctuary away from the rest of the world. Home should make you happy and at ease. I’ve worked with so many couples in my career and I have found that they are most pleased when the overall design is a reflection of the both of them. Create a collection of inspirational images to help you build your project mood board, which will help you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. I collect magazine clippings and have a collection of images on Pinterest too!”

Here are Christian’s 7 tips for newlyweds who are setting up their first home (besides hiring an interior designer!)

1. Create A Color Story
Maybe even use your wedding accent colors to always remind you of your special day! Remember, colors are powerful. They make you feel certain feelings, so use them wisely, unless you want to go very bold! Flowers are also a great way to incorporate your color scheme that you can have fun with seasonally. Commit to the execution, but don't go overboard. If you think, “is this too crazy?” then it probably is, so try to scale back.

2. Furniture: The Meat & Potatoes Of Design
Pick out comfortable yet stylish seating... Aim to buy more classic timeless pieces that you could grow with as you change styles. Since you’re doing this on your own, I would also advise that you try to keep your wood furniture to the same color stain within a room, as well as your metal accent colors. These can change from room to room, but will ensure a sense of cohesiveness. Also keep in mind the guests you will be entertaining. You want your furniture to be resilient after a party or little get together. Your furniture should give your room a natural flow of traffic. You wouldn't want to walk into a room and immediately be met with the back of a sofa - that creates a halt and an obstacle to enter a room - the idea is to make it inviting.

3. Let’s Talk Lighting!
Dimmers make everything sexy, so you should install one at every switch. Stay far, far away from harsh lighting. A ‘soft white’ or Edison style bulb always give a nicer light that is enjoyable turned up or dimmed down. There are some amazing and affordable lighting fixtures available today that can really add impact to the space. Do yourself a favor and when your budget allows, upgrade the “contractor grade” fixtures that came with your home. This little change can make a big difference.

4. Rugs Tie Your Design Together
Rugs can incorporate color and texture into your design scheme. Plus, not only do they add comfort when lounging, they can also warm up a room and define a space within an open floor plan. Another bonus to bringing in rugs is that they help with the acoustics of your home by absorbing sound. But - be sure to buy the right size! There’s nothing worse than buying a rug that is too small.

5. All About Accessories
Your decorative accessories are reflection of who you and your partner are individually and as a couple. They can illustrate a story of your lives, showcase a collection of your travels, or be the finishing touches that help complete your design scheme. Remember to edit your collections and place them well, without creating a cluttered look. For example, if you collect crystal stones, place your favorite few on display while the rest remain put away. Switch out with the seasons  to refresh so you can enjoy all the pieces over time.

6. Create Little “Moments”
Moments bring focus to areas that are not a room, but add value and thoughtfulness to your design. Take a console table at the end of a hall – add a vase, flowers, a candle, a couple decorative accessories and art or a collage of family pictures on a wall. This will create a scene instead of just a random smattering of objects. Or consider the corner a staircase landing – fill this space with a collection of lanterns to fill the space and bring character to an otherwise lifeless space.

7. Pick The Right Registry
Since the wedding registry is a big part of your big day, register for items that are indicative of your lifestyle. Don’t register for formal china if you plan on entertaining casually. These are the items that will bring your home to life and determine how you will both live and entertain. It’s important to remember the small things too, like a martini shaker and glasses or fragrant candles.

As a last piece of advice, “Think like a professional! Always take photos, jot down notes, and measure everything. Keep these images, notes, color swatches, and measurements together, like you would a wedding planner binder! Nothing worse than not being able to bring in something because it didn't fit through the door way, elevator or staircase… not to mention a mistake like this could be costly!”


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