Thursday, November 17, 2016

Man Who Lost Wedding Ring While Gardening Finds It Embedded in a Carrot: See the Photo!

Prized produce. Three years after losing his wedding band while working in his garden, an 82-year-old man from the western town of Bad Muenstereifel, Germany, found the missing ring embedded in a carrot.

According to local news outlet WDR, the man’s wife promised him that the item would reappear someday after the gardening gaffe. Unfortunately, she passed away just six months before the ring was unearthed.

After finding the misplaced band, the unnamed man — who just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary — shared that sometimes “you reap what you sow.”

This isn’t the first time something as astonishing like this has happened. Back in 2011, a Swedish woman found her wedding band fastened tightly to the orange vegetable in her garden.

Shockingly, the ring was discovered 16 years after its disappearance. After unearthing the missing piece of jewelry, the woman explained that she misplaced it in her kitchen back in 1995 while baking with her daughters.

Although the ring no longer fit, she planned to have it enlarged. “I had given up hope,” she said at the time. “Now that I have found the ring again, I want to be able to use it.”

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