Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gown Shopping Tips For Curvy Brides — Read Expert Tips Here!

Whether you’re an apple, a pear (or any fruit in between!) an experienced bridal consultant can help you find the silhouette that works best for your shape. Worried that your curves will be a hindrance on your quest for the perfect dress? Don’t be! Check out these helpful tips from stylist Sara Viola and co-owner Lisa Litt of Della Curva, a bridal salon in California specifically for curvy brides, below!

Della Curva 

Know Your Body Type
Curvy bride or not, it’s important to know your body type before you try on gowns. Ask your consultant what styles will flatter your measurements the most—you might be surprised at the amount of options out there. “Most curvy girls think they need a dress with an empire waist, but that’s actually not true,” Viola says. “A lot of styles will look good on them. They just need to know what silhouettes will complement them the most.”

For instance, pear shapes  should avoid clingy mermaids that accentuate and the hips, while apple shapes should steer clear of clingy sheaths. “Fit-n-flare is generally a solid silhouette,” Viola advises. “I think everyone can find their signature style.”

Find A Boutique With Larger Sample Sizes
Save yourself a frustrating experience and find a salon that carries larger sample sizes, or caters to curvier body types. “You need to try on a dress that will zip up, so you can feel the most confident,” Viola says. “You shouldn’t start off feeling discouraged about your size!”

Shop For Your Body Now 
Even if you’re planning to shed some pounds before your wedding, your body type isn’t going to completely change. “If you lose inches in your bust, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose inches in your hips,” Viola says. “Order the gown that looks good today.”

Avoid Shiny Fabrics 
“Shiny fabrics like high-shine satins or fabrics with metallic threads reflect the light and makes you look larger,” Litt says.

Structure Is Your Friend 
Consider more structured materials like satin, lace and organza for a smoother silhouette. “Some chiffons might be okay, but for the most part, clingy fabrics are not forgiving,” Viola says. Ruching or gathering on the bodice and a lace-up corset are also safe bets, especially if you want to disguise your tummy. “A lace-up bodice has more flexibility, so if you lose weight, you can still cinch in your waistline,” Viola says.

Wear Spanx To Your Appointment
Before you hit the stores, make sure you’re armed with some body shaping undies.  “Whether you’re a size 4 or a size 24, Spanx will smooth out your tummy and hips,” Litt says. “You’ll stand straighter and feel better.”

Invest In Serious Undergarments
What goes underneath your dress is just as important as the dress itself. Set yourself up for success by investing in a good under-the-dress essentials.  “No matter your size, Spanx and a supportive bra are always a must,” Viola says. “A long line strapless  bra with extra boning in the bodice will help create a seamless look for bustier brides.”

Keep An Open Mind
Trust your bridal consultant. “We know what looks good, we know what works.” Litt says. “Even if you think something won’t look good on you, at least try it on. We’re trained to know what will flatter your body type.”


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