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EXCLUSIVE: Ayesha Curry on 11 Things Every Bride Should Know

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Photo: Ayesha Curry via Instagram
It's safe to say Ayesha Curry has her hands full: Not only is she married to basketball superstar Stephen "Steph" Curry, point guard for the 2015 NBA Champions' the Golden State Warriors, and mom to Riley Curry (the cutest superstar in the making — seriously, have you seen her NBA postgame press conferences?!), but she is also nine months pregnant! And with her booming lifestyle and food blog, Little Lights of Mine, Ayesha is way more than just a basketball wife.
Now married for nearly four years, Ayesha and Steph met at their church youth group when she was 14 and he was 15, yet they didn't start dating until college. After Steph proposed to Ayesha in his parents' driveway (the exact place where the two shared their first kiss!), the two tied the knot on July 30, 2011 at their church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Since she's "been there done that" when it comes to wedding planning and the first year of marriage, we asked Ayesha to share some of her top tips for brides-to-be. Take notes, ladies!

1. When planning your wedding, do what makes you happy.
"Don't let others determine what should happen on your big day. Ultimately, it's your day to dream and have everything you want," Ayesha tells us.

2. Ask your groom to help out!
Oftentimes, the bride takes the lead on wedding planning, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put your groom to work. According to Ayesha, Steph was extremely involved in the wedding-planning process — from helping out with the color schemes, to picking the DJ and the food.

3. Don't forget about your bridesmaids.
"I wore a magical Amsale gown — the goal is try on my dress for our five-year wedding anniversary and see if it still fits!" But Ayesha wanted to make sure a few other people looked just as great on her special day, too: "Finding the right bridesmaid dresses was really important to me, too. I wanted to make sure everyone felt their best!" (See her dress and bridesmaids' looks below!)

4. Soak it all in.
Your wedding day may be the most hectic day of your life, but be sure to stop and enjoy the moment. For Ayesha, the most memorable part of her day was the look on Steph's face as she walked down the aisle. "I'll never forget his face," she says, "I felt so special and adored." The couple also made sure to take a moment for themselves. "I'll never forget sharing a piece of cake with my husband in our room after our reception," Ayesha remembers. "It was so much fun to enjoy it quietly and reflect on the evening."

5. Consider your guests when choosing (most of) your menu.
"When is comes to food, think about having three options for your guests — a meat, fish, chicken and vegetarian option," Ayesha advises. The one place where you should be selfish? The last course! "I love dessert. So make sure you pick the flavor of cake you and your groom like," Ayesha says.

6. Marriage will change your life.
Don't be alarmed; it's a change for the better! "Marriage has given me a little family of my own. We hold each other accountable, love each other and always are there for each other," she says. "I feel more balanced now because I know what it's like to care for others. Marriage has given me the gift of compassion."

7. Communication is key.
For brides entering their first year of marriage, Ayesha recommends that you keep all lines of communication open with your spouse. "Don't be passive. It's so important to talk everything out, in order to create an environment and home that's peaceful and open. Also, never forget to say I love you!"

8. Motherhood is not what you expect.
If you're planning on starting a family soon after taking the plunge, listen to this: "Motherhood is far better than I expected. I love it with all of my heart," she says. "I feel like I'm getting to live life again vicariously through my daughter Riley. It gives me a more positive outlook. She's so bright and vibrant. I can never have a bad day as a mom."

Ayesha Curry Things Every Bride Should Know Family Basketball
Photo: Ayesha Curry via Instagram
9. Balance is vital once you tie the knot.
"Luckily, my daughter is in school a couple of days a week. Those are my work days!" Ayesha says of balancing work and her personal life, adding, "iPhones and tablets also make it far easier to get my work done!" And Steph is key in making it all work, too. "My husband is extremely supportive of my career. I feel so blessed to have him. So, if I need a helping hand at home to get something done (like this interview!) he is always there for me."

10. Dinner parties should never stress you out.
Organizing your first newlywed dinner party can be a little nerve wracking, but here's how to impress your guests according to Ayesha: "Lamb chops are quick and easy, but look super impressive! Serve them with roasted asparagus and potatoes." And for dessert? "You can never go wrong with a fruit crumble and vanilla ice cream. In the Curry household, we like to end the night with an espresso, too."

11. You'll still feel that spark — even after the honeymoon phase ends.
"I don't know how to explain it, but the love I have for Stephen grows everyday," Ayesha admits. "There's never been a day that I haven't felt the way I did on our very first date. I still get butterflies."

For more with Ayesha, head over to her blog Little Lights of Mine!


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