Tuesday, August 25, 2015

9 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Wedding Vendors

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Today is National Waitstaff Day, so it seemed like a good time to offer some tips on ways to thank the people who do all the work to make sure your wedding is absolutely perfect. From the venue’s catering team who makes sure your guests are fed and happy to the photographer who toils to capture every breathtaking moment to the wedding planner who brings it all together, there are going to be many wedding vendors to thank after the wedding. Here are nine ways to show your gratitude:

1. Leave a review about our services. Especially in today’s world, couples rely on reviews by other couples who have used a vendor’s services when making their own hiring decisions. We love it when you post feedback on social media or wedding-related websites.

2. Offer to provide a testimonial. We use testimonials (positive statements about our services made by our clients) in our marketing materials. We’ll take them written, given over the phone, or in video form . . . whatever works for you! (If your wedding vendor is on PerfectWeddingGuide.com, you can leave a review for them there, too!)

3. Refer us to your friends. Word of mouth is probably the most impactful way we can get business. It’s a tremendous compliment when you refer us business.

4. Send us a handwritten note. It’s a little old-fashioned, which makes getting snail-mail even more touching and fun for us. Include something specific that we did to make your wedding day a success. We love feeling good about our work!

5. Toast us at your reception. If we’re there while you and your guests are dining and dancing, hearing a kind word about our work with you will make every minute of our time well worth it. Plus, all of your guests will hear the toast, which could lead to more business for us.

6. Give us credit when you post your photos online. If we took your wedding photos, designed your gorgeous centerpieces, helped set up your ceremony d├ęcor, or in any way impacted a significant part of your wedding, we really appreciate it when you mention us while posting wedding photos on social media. That way, any friends who might need the services we provide can look us up, and we can share them on our sites, too!

7. Allow us to feature your wedding. We write blogs, create galleries of images on our websites, and rely on events we’ve serviced to provide examples to potential clients. By giving us permission to share your wedding photos, you help us market ourselves.

8. Tip us. To some, this may seem obvious, but just like with other people who work in the service industry, we appreciate gratuities if you feel we’ve provided you with excellent service.

9. Hire us again. Most people in the wedding industry (photographers, florists, event planners, musicians, venues, caterers, etc.) also do work in social events. We consider it the ultimate sign of customer satisfaction when you return to us for future social event needs.


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