Wednesday, August 26, 2015

7 Things to Love About Brunch Wedding Receptions

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Happy National Orange Juice Day! Orange juice makes me think about mimosas. Mimosas make me think about brunch. Brunch makes me think about the many benefits to having your wedding midday.
Take these thoughts into consideration as you plan a brunch wedding reception to celebrate your marriage.
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1. Your photos will never suffer from lack of light. One of the trickiest tasks a wedding photographer faces is dealing with light. When you have an evening wedding and a gorgeous backdrop for that wedding, your photographer has to quickly shoot your images before sunset. Once the sun goes down, no amount of flash will make up for the lack of sunlight, so your beautiful setting won’t show up as well in your photos. Move your wedding to brunch time and light will be in abundance.

2. Fill your wedding with fun activities. Brunch weddings lend themselves to outdoor celebrations. Plan your reception on a lawn and have alternative entertainment for your guests like horseshoes, croquet, and cornhole.

3. You will have time to make a quick getaway for your honeymoon. If you’d like to leave right away for your honeymoon, there will likely be evening flights available after your reception is over.

4. If you want to spend quality time with family, friends, or each other after the wedding, you won’t be exhausted. If your celebration ends by three or four, you can grab a quick nap and then plan something fun for the evening.

5. You likely won’t have to spend as much money on alcohol. Guests don’t typically expect mixed drinks at an early afternoon reception. Serve mimosas and Bloody Marys along with lemonade, flavored waters, tea and coffee, and you’ll spend quite a bit less on your bar bill.

6. You won’t spend your day being nervous about the wedding. If you’re anxious about how your wedding day will go, you won’t have to wait to get ready for your ceremony and reception. Wake up early, get groomed and primped, then walk down the aisle and relax!

7. Brunch is Yummy! Work with your chef to come up with a variety of foods that will cater to every diet and taste. Combine breakfast items and lunch items, both hearty and light.


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