Friday, August 28, 2015

Things To Consider When Making Accommodations for Traveling Guests


Despite the checklists, apps, and overeager advice-giving friends available to most couples when planning weddings, there is one very important detail that is frequently overlooked– accommodations. If your guests are traveling in to join you on your big day, whether your wedding is local or considered “destination,” they must have someplace to stay.


It’s tempting to refer your guests to one of the many discount travel sites and let them choose their deal. This has dangers, though. You relinquish control over their guest experience and you lose the convenience factor of having your loved ones concentrated at one site, which can aid in providing amenities and transportation. Instead of falling back on the latest travel search engine, we recommend investing the necessary time and negotiate a room block contract that will not only keep your guests together, but keep them comfortable and happy from the moment they arrive for your special weekend.

What are the Priorities?

As hotels expand their lists of creative amenities, guests now expect more than just a bed and shower. Start by compiling a list of important factors beginning with how many rooms you might need. Don’t forget rooms where the wedding party will get ready and your own wedding night accommodations.
What kind of properties are your friends and family accustomed to, luxury, or budget?
Most guests want easy access to major transportation hub and to local attractions. Are there shuttles available? Can guests easily get to your wedding events? The cost of private group transportation dramatically impacts a wedding budget. Imagine being in your guests’ shoes and making the transfers they will encounter. Does one property offer a service that will make these transitions easier than another?

In terms of conveniences, what about a restaurant on-site, a hospitality suite during the day, or world-class fitness and spa facilities? Jot down every possible priority so you can rank the most necessary as your must-have list when you negotiate with your chosen hotels.

Room Block Contracts
Armed with this information, scrutinize any contract you receive. Compare online rates to the contract rates to be sure you’re getting the best deal. Ask about attrition – It is common for a hotel to hold you personally responsible for a percentage of the rooms (i.e. financially responsible) after certain cutoff dates. There may also be extra fees for gift bag delivery, wifi, parking, or breakfast. Are more rooms available to you at the rate if your guests pick them up faster than accepted? Can you reduce your room numbers, and can guests cancel reservations up to a cutoff date without penalty?
Who should you ask all of these detail questions? Your wedding planning, venue coordinator, or hotel sales manager are all good choices. You might also enlist the assistance of a wedding planner, or, a company with a decade of expertise that specializes in guest accommodations like Where Will They Stay?.

Extending the courtesy of making room block arrangements for your guests is just one way to thank them for celebrating with you on your big day. Make it the first of the many expressions of love that result from your new lives together.


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