Thursday, August 27, 2015

6 Tips to Plan a Romantic Wedding Night

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Weddings can take more than a year to plan. In the process, couples can lose sight of what is arguably supposed to be the most romantic night of your lives . . . your first night as a married couple. Today we thought we’d share some tips to make sure your wedding night is everything you hope it will be!

To plan your romantic wedding night:

1. Wrap things up at a reasonable time. If you don’t want to be so exhausted that you head to bed and immediately fall asleep, get a full night’s sleep the night before and end your reception at a reasonable time. Remember, you and your spouse can leave a little before everyone else if you want. You’re the guests of honor!

2. Curb the alcohol intake. Many couples want to celebrate their nuptials with champagne and/or cocktails, and that’s okay. It’s a celebration, after all! But know your limits, and keep the coming wedding night in mind. You want to be clear-headed and alert to focus on your new spouse.

3. Get away from it all. Consider booking a room somewhere away from where your guests are staying. If you stay near everyone else, you run the risk of getting disturbed by well-wishers, or even thinking more about whether your guests are comfortable than about your new spouse.

4. Stay somewhere sumptuous (or at least nicer than usual). It’s your wedding night…of course you should indulge! Even if you can’t afford the honeymoon suite, spring for something nicer than you usually would. It will help to set the mood if you’re feeling like royalty.

5. Have a late-night snack. Many couples get so caught up with making the rounds to thank their guests and dancing the night away that they neglect to eat much of their reception food. Arrange for a light snack of cheese and crackers, chocolate-covered strawberries, or something similar that the two of you can enjoy while you relax and revisit the wedding day together.

6. Exchange gifts. Some couples exchange tokens of affection before the wedding, but it’s also perfectly acceptable to exchange them after the wedding. In fact, we think it’s a lovely way to begin your new life together!

Yes, your wedding night is meant to be romantic, but be realistic. It will come at the end of an exciting and exhausting day. Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to make it “perfect.” Just celebrate your love for each other and prepare for a very happy marriage to come!


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