Tuesday, November 3, 2015

4 Signs You Have the Best Husband Ever

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We may fantasize about married men in movies, the do-it-all dudes and dads with chiseled chins and effortless six-pack abs. But being an awesome partner is about way more than looking good while helping unpack the groceries or changing a diaper — and some of us are lucky enough to have something better in our own lives than what we see on the big screen. Here are four surefire signs your main man is the best husband ever.

1. He communicates openly and kindly with you.
Marriage experts agree that it's not just the talking that counts — it's how we speak to each other, too. Does your guy stay open and honest, and address any concerns he might have without automatically starting a fight? Does he listen with an open mind and truly try to understand where you're coming from? Then you've got something really good.

2. He is supportive.
Whether you're training for a half-marathon or vying for a workplace promotion, it's awesome to have a husband who knows you can do it and doesn't miss an opportunity to tell you how you'll excel. You return the favor, too, off course, because a healthy marriage is about supporting one another's dreams and helping each other achieve them.

3. He's faithful and loyal.
Let's be honest: It's only natural to have fantasies — and just as we might let our minds wander to a secret rendezvous with, say, Ryan Reynolds, your husband also finds other woman attractive. It's human nature. But the best husband knows that no other woman could ever take your place. He's faithful and loyal, and appreciates your beauty, inside and out.

4. He treats you as an equal.
The best husbands don't stick to stereotypes. Whether he's into the idea of taking paternity leave so he can truly co-parent your new baby by your side or he knows you can fix a leaky faucet better than a professional plumber, he doesn't undervalue what you do nor does he just assume he can do certain things better than you. He sees and appreciates the unique qualities you bring to the relationship, and is proud to be your equal partner.


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