Monday, November 2, 2015

Bridesmaids Gifts Your Girls Will Actually Want

Having bridesmaids is like having your own personal support group. They are there for you no matter what and help you with whatever you need. That being said they deserve a lot of credit (and gifts!) We rounded up the 10 best gifts we know you’ll bridesmaids will love. Read on for the ultimate ways to say thank you to your bridesmaids.

1. Wrap It Up: Giving your bridesmaids a beautiful robe is one of our favorite gifts. Have all of your bridesmaids wear their robes as they get ready together for the wedding and be prepared to take some of your favorite photos of the day. 

Courtesy of Plum Pretty Sugar for BHLDN

2. Jewelry Is A Girl’s Best Friend: Your bridesmaids will be thrilled to receive a new bobble to add to their collection. You can match the stone to compliment their bridesmaid dresses or for a personalized touch give each girl a necklace with her birthstone.


Courtesy of ForTheMaids

3. Box Of Love: What’s better than one gift? A box of goodies! Fill adorable boxes with things that your girls will go crazy for. This can include their favorite wine, personalized stationary and nail polish (bonus points for giving nail polish to match the colors of your wedding).


Courtesy of Smitten On Paper

4. Hang It Up: This gift isn’t just functional, it is something your bridesmaids can hang onto and smile at for years to come. Use personalized hangers to hang bridesmaids’ dresses on the day of the wedding and you’ll have one impressive photo op.


Courtesy of DelovelyDetails

5. Reflect Your Love: Every girl needs a small compact mirror to throw in her purse. The mirror can be used for checkups throughout the wedding day and countless times after that- like checking your lipstick before a date! Make it monogramed to up the special factor.

6. Don’t Sweat It: Everyone loves to be comfy. What could be more relaxing then getting ready in custom sweats? Personalized sweatpants are a cute idea that your bridesmaids can wear year-round. They also make for one great picture!


Courtesy of Lindsay Madden Photography

7. Shine Bright: Talk about mixing style with function. We are obsessed with these macaron jewelry boxes and your bridesmaids will be too! A small jewelry box is great to toss in your bag for holding delicate necklaces, earrings, and rings. They’ll also look adorable on anyone’s nightstand.


Courtesy of The Tomkat Studio

8. Tote It: Every girl needs a good tote! After all bridesmaids have a lot to lug around the day of the wedding! Plus, it can be used as a beach bag and a travel bag ever after!


Leslee Mitchell Photography

9. The Opposite of Mean Muggin’: For girls who love their morning coffee, what could be better then a personalized mug? Your bridesmaid will love having a custom cup to drink out of while getting ready for your special day. With every sip after that, they’ll fondly reflect on the fun memories of your wedding.


Courtesy of TheCraftyEngineerx

10. Wake up, Make Up: Makeup bags are so great for traveling and staying organized. Making them personalized only makes this gift even better. Your bridesmaid will be touched knowing that these were custom made just for them and will be sure to bring them around with them everywhere!

Courtesy of Pottery Barn


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