Tuesday, April 19, 2016

17 Things to Add to Your Wedding Gift Registry

In the past, picking china patterns was the norm for newly engaged couples. Nowadays, many couples either inherit the china from their parents or don’t use it at all. That leaves a lot of wiggle room on Ye Olde Wedding Registry! There are some don’t-miss items that all newlyweds should make sure to add to their registry. Here are 17 of them:
1. Your honeymoon. This registry item is gaining in popularity, especially for couples who already have everything they could possibly need to enjoy married life. Consider a honeymoon registry like Honeymoon Wishes.

2. Kitchen appliances you really need. This is the perfect time to register for that KitchenAid stand mixer you’ve always wanted. Also consider Crock Pots, coffee pots or espresso machines, food processors, toaster ovens, or other appliances that will make your life easier.

3. At least one good frying pan or skillet.
4. Hobby accessories. Campers, bikers, hikers, athletes, and other hobby enthusiasts shouldn’t be shy about registering for items they’ll really use.

5. Outdoor grilling items.
6. Electronics. Things like cameras and camcorders will help you capture all of your newlywed memories, so don’t miss them as you’re getting your registry stocked.

7. A Dutch Oven. If you ever plan to cook for a group, a good Dutch Oven is a kitchen must-have.

8. Barware. Think outside the glasses, folks. To have a well-stocked bar for entertaining, you’ll need cocktail shakers, pourers, stirrers, pitchers, decanters, an olive pitter, etc.

9. Luggage. Trust us on this.

10. A sewing machine or kit. There will come a time when someone loses a button, a hem starts unraveling, etc. Having the tools to fix them in a pinch will save you a lot of headache.

11. A vacuum cleaner. This is about the least romantic thing to include on a registry…but it’s also the most practical.

12. Nice linens. You’re no longer living the dorm room life. Stock those linen closets with new sheets and towels that you can use when you entertain guests.

13. Yard care items. Also on the practical side, yard care items are a registry must. Think of lawn mowers, weed whackers, edgers, rakes, leaf blowers, etc.

14. Storage/organization tools. You’re going to need places to put all of the cool stuff you get off your registry. Make effective space for them with the help of good storage items.

15. Good knives. 
16. Home d├ęcor. Choose some items together that you both like…picture frames, artwork, vases and knickknacks, etc.

17. Gift cards or cash. When you don’t know for sure what you both want or need, you can always request money to spend at a later date. Just do so tactfully!


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