Monday, April 18, 2016

6 Wedding Planning Secrets Every Couple Should Know

We love to share tips and suggestions with couples who are planning their weddings. Still, we know that some of the topics we cover are general knowledge, so we thought it’d be a nice change of pace to mention a few things about wedding planning that you might not consider. Here are six wedding planning secrets every couple should know.

pros and cons of joining social media groups to wedding plan

1. Things will always be more expensive than you think, so create some cushion in your budget.
2. Planning is going to cause friction in your relationship. There’s bound to be something you don’t agree on, whether it’s who you invite, where the wedding is taking place, or what song you dance to. Just remember that your relationship is more important than any decision you make for your wedding.

3. You will freak out over the number of options you find on Pinterest or wedding blogs. Limit your exposure and purge pins and posts regularly when you find something you like better.

4. More people will offer you advice than you expect. Be comfortable with your decisions and don’t worry about pleasing everyone.

5. Wedding vendors have come to loathe the phrase, “Simple but elegant.” This phrase covers a wide range of tastes and styles. Narrow down your wedding vision as much as you can before approaching vendors so they can provide you the best quote.

6. You’re driving people nuts with your wedding talk. You probably don’t realize how often you’re mentioning your wedding around people you know and love.


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