Friday, April 29, 2016

Crowd-Pleasing Edible Wedding Favors: The Hot Sauce Edition

hot sauce wedding favors
Photo: Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography

If you and your groom love all things spicy, then why not give everyone miniature bottles of your favorite hot sauces as edible wedding favors? Embellish the bottles with a thank-you favor tag, or have them perform double-duty as escort cards (simply tie an escort-card around the bottle's neck). Or, better yet, make your own hot sauce from scratch for guests to enjoy at home.

Cholula (above): This couple loves their favorite hot sauce so much, not only did they pass them out as favors, they also named their dog Cholula.

hot sauce wedding favors
Photo: onelove photography

Tapatio: At this couple's nuptials, bottles of Tapatio sauce also doubled as escort cards.

hot sauce wedding favors
Photo: Mustard Seed Photography

Crystal: This New Orleans-based couple gave out bottles of Louisiana-made Crystal hot sauce.

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hot sauce wedding favors
Photo: Heidi Shub Photography

Frank's Red Hot: If you've got a weakness for Frank's Red Hot, pass out bottles of your favorite brand to guests at the reception.

hot sauce wedding favors
Photo: Amelia Johnson

Tabasco: These sweet favor tags read, "Family and friends are the splce of life. Thanks for warming up our night!"

hot sauce wedding favors
Photo: Jen Philips Photography

Assorted Hot Sauces: Can't decide on a favorite hot sauce? Pass out all your favorites and encourage guests to mix and mingle and try 'em all.

hot sauce wedding favors
Photo: Chloe Giancola Photography

Homemade: If you or a family member are known to make a wicked good hot sauce, consider making a huge batch for guests to enjoy at home after the wedding is over.


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