Monday, May 2, 2016

7 DIY Wedding Projects That Will Save Your Budget

We’ve featured DIY projects that are easy enough for any couple to do, as well as DIY projects that may be more stressful than they’re worth. Those posts went over so well that we thought we’d enter the DIY arena again. Today we’ve got some DIY wedding projects that could really help your budget.
1. Vintage items. You don’t necessarily need to even make these. You just have to take the time to reach out to friends and relatives who may have vintage pieces you can borrow. Vintage brooches, suitcases, wood boxes, milk crates, doors, shutters, and even table and chairs may be easier to find than you think.
Boho Chic Wedding in Florida
2. Photo props and backdrops. Hit up the craft section at a local discount store and purchase some foam board, poster board, wooden skewers, markers, scissors, and glue. That (and disposable or Polaroid cameras) are about all you need to create the perfect DIY photo booth.
3. Your guest book. Guest books are generally one of the lowest cost items of any wedding but if you’re on a budget, every penny counts. The easiest way to save money on this item is to choose an item you already own and turn it into the guest “book”. Some ideas we’ve seen include musical instruments, large photo frames, and quilts.
Creative Guestbook Ideas
4. Wedding signs. If you’re interested in wedding signage, all you really need is scrap wood, nails, and something to write with. Because this trend is so popular right now, you might even have connections to borrow signs from someone else!
5. Baked goods. Food is a popular wedding favor. Baking your own (or buying ingredients in bulk and creating Mason jar mix) can help stretch your favor budget.
6. Confetti. Paper cones filled with confetti don’t have to cost you more than a ream of construction paper and some time. Punch out holes in some of the sheets and create cones with the others, handing them out to guests for tossing.
7. Outdoor games. You see them everywhere: oversized lawn games like Jenga, Yahtzee, and Tic-Tac-Toe. If you’re handy with power tools (or know someone who is) and can get some scrap wood, these kinds of games are simple and cheap to make.
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