Wednesday, May 18, 2016

7 Unique Items to Add to Your Welcome Bags

ideas for welcome bags
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We're always looking for fun ways to personalize your wedding, from writing your own vows or sending your pup down the aisle to including family recipes in your dinner menu. Another great opportunity to add a playful touch or tell more of your love story? By getting creative with your welcome bags! The options are pretty much endless, so we rounded up a few of our favorite unique welcome bag additions — take a look at what we came up with!

Local Drinks
While we love Earth-friendly reusable water bottles, swap them out for something that speaks to your wedding's location. Tuck in a couple bottles of your favorite local craft beer or artisan sodas, or pick drinks sourced from your home towns (say, a bottle of Sam Adams for a Boston bride alongside Shiner Bock for a Texas groom). If you want to include wine, seek out miniature bottles over the full-sized versions — guests will be more likely to open a bottle that only holds a glass or two, especially if they're only in town for a couple of nights (and they won't have to worry about checking a bag to get that big bottle home!).

DIY Cocktail Kits
Do you two love Moscow Mules? A can of ginger beer, two mini bottles of vodka, and a fresh lime will give your guests all the fixings to mix up their own. Add a line to your welcome note with quick instructions, or a brief story about why this drink is one of your favorites.

Childhood Favorites
If you're a baker (or have a family member who is!), bust out that secret family recipe and add homemade cookies or brownies to the bag — they're a great sweet treat, especially if you decide that now's the time to share the big secret (even if the recipe is Tollhouse!). Not so domestic? See if your caterer might be willing to do the heavy lifting.

Morning-After Supplies
Advil and Tums are no-brainers, but what about something to get guests going for your post-wedding brunch? Bottles of cold-brew coffee and pastries from a local bakery will give them a little bit of a kick after a night of dancing. In keeping with the cocktail theme, you could also include cans of tomato juice, tiny bottles of Tobasco sauce, and miniature bottles of vodka for Sunday morning Bloody Marys.

Something Fresh
If your wedding is during peak fruit season, tuck in locally-grown snacks for a break from sweet, salty, or baked. Think Georgia or Palisade peaches, New York apples, or Florida oranges. For something fragile like a peach, wrap it in cloth or make sure it's gently placed on top so it doesn't get bruised during transport.

Activity Survival Kits
Getting married on the beach? Tuck in towels and sunscreen so guests can enjoy the sun and sand. In the big city? A map of the public transportation system (and even a day-pass!) alongside blister bandaids will help guests wander the streets. Wedding on a ranch? A bandana and hand salve to soothe their palms after a day holding the reins would be totally welcome.

For the Littlest Guests
Having a kid-friendly celebration? Include snacks like Goldfish or Mini Oreos, perfect for little hands, alongside age-appropriate activities like coloring books, playing cards, or no-mess crafts.


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