Thursday, May 19, 2016

After 44 Years of Dating, This (Super Cute) Couple in Their 80s Finally Got Married

How long would you wait for your boyfriend to pop the question? Chances are, your answer is nowhere near the length of time one couple from Leeds in the UK waited to put a ring on it — a whole 44 years long! Colin Dunn, 84, and his beautiful bride Sally Smith, 82, finally tied the knot after putting off their marriage for more than four decades.

The adorable (see photographic proof below) couple met in 1972 when Smith was working behind the bar at a social club who Dunn, a lorry driver, just so happened to visit after he got off of work every week. "Sally used to serve me every weekend when I'd go in after work," Dunn remembers. "We got chatting and she got used to me going in. Eventually, I asked her out."

Smith, with four children of her own from a previous marriage, decided to accept his offer and, as you can tell, the rest is history. But although they were incredibly in love, they didn't go running off to the altar just yet.

"Marriage never entered my head at that point," Dunn admitted to Metro UK. "We were always so busy looking after the children or going on holiday to Blackpool." And even when the kids grew up and left home, the English pair kept putting off their nuptials for another day. "We kept on saying, 'it'll be next year, it'll be next year' — but we were happy as we were," Dunn added.

What ultimately pushed them to say their "I do's" was a series of heartbreak.

"Just before last Christmas I lost my brother Harold and shortly before that I lost my eldest brother, too," Dunn said. "We were going through a bit of trouble and we started thinking what if this happened to one of us? We decided we wanted to be man and wife."

And man and wife they became at St. Mary's Church while 100 of their closest friends and family watched them exchange rings. Just look how adorable they are on the big day! Even with the long wait, Smith couldn't have been more elated. "The day was lovely, even the weather. We had a beautiful cake at the reception but the highlight for me was actually getting married."

Dunn admits that relationships take a lot of work, but that it's SO worth it in the end. "It's the little things — if she falls asleep, I wake her up when it's time to go to bed. I make her meals and make her tea. We've had little fall-outs over the years, just like everyone, but we have the same views and we always agree on everything," he gushed. "We have always been happy."

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TBH we'd wait 44 years to marry a sweetheart like this, too. Congrats you lovebirds!


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