Monday, August 29, 2016

Light Finger Foods You Should Serve While Getting Ready


As a wedding planner, I do my best to ensure my couples stay hydrated and eat something before their ceremony, especially if they’re having an evening wedding. Women, in particular, can be nervous, which can lead to either forgetting about eating or feeling too jittery to want to eat. Here are my suggestions for an array of finger foods you can serve while you’re getting ready that everyone in your wedding party will love:
    -Chocolate-covered strawberries. For an added touch, serve them with a glass of champagne! Just don’t overdue the alcohol intake or you’ll negate any efforts to stay hydrated for your big day.

    -Pizzettes. Bite-sized pizzas can be as fancy or familiar as you’d like. Avoid any ingredients that might overwhelm your taste buds or lead to bad breath, though.

    -Popcorn. Offer up a variety of flavored popcorn, from caramel to cheddar. This is a great light snack that even a fluttery stomach can handle.

    -Truffles. Few people can pass up chocolate, and truffles are a wonderfully decadent way to offer it to your bridal party.

    -Cheese tray. You can’t go wrong with a spread of cheeses, crackers, and fruit. It’s a light but satisfying treat.

    -Sandwich on a stick. One trendy finger food is a “toothpick sandwich,” such as a piece of roast beef paired with a cube of Swiss cheese or a cherry tomato paired with buffalo mozzarella, each intended to be eaten in one bite. Pair with dipping sauces for an added punch of flavor.

    -Tartlets. Tartlets are a wonderful way to offer either sweet or savory finger food for your bridal party. Opt for fluffy quiche, succulent mousse, or creamy pate. Yum!

    -Sliders. They may sound like bar food, but sliders are a wonderful one or two-bite finger food option. Consider classing them up a bit by offering crab cake or Angus beef sliders.

    -Spring rolls. Light, crispy veggie eggrolls are a fun and healthy option. Pair them with a variety of dips to appeal to a wide range of palates.
I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry! Be sure to budget for some light finger foods to enjoy while you and your bridal party are getting ready. Everyone will appreciate it!


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