Tuesday, August 30, 2016

9 Sweet Treats to Include on the Dessert Bar

Gone are the days when a couple’s wedding reception dessert consists only of the wedding cake. Today, couples want to offer their guests an assortment of sweet treats. A dessert bar is a great way to do this. Looking for ideas to stock your dessert bar? Check these out:

1. Mini pies and tarts. Serve up little flaky pies and tarts, choosing flavors that suit the season of your wedding. Fresh fruit pies and tarts work well for spring and summer weddings, whereas options like chocolate, pumpkin, or pecan are wonderful for autumn and winter weddings.

mini pies instead of wedding cake

2. Cake pops. One of the things to love most about cake pops is how easy they are to carry around. Guests won’t have to stop dancing to eat them!

cake pops

3. Chocolate-dipped fruit. Strawberries are the most popular fruit to dip in chocolate, but you can offer up an assortment. Apple wedges, orange slices, raspberries, and grapes are other great options.

chocolate-dipped-strawberries.jpg chocolate-dipped-strawberries-and-wedding-cake.jpg
4. Petit fours. These delicious, small square layered cakes can be personalized with your monogram or another design specific to your wedding.

5. Bon bons or truffles. These small treats are similarly delectable. Truffles are round and typically made with ganache and cocoa powder, whereas bon bons are likely to have flat bottoms and fillings like coconut, buttercream, or nougat. Whichever you serve, your guests are bound to enjoy them!

6. Shot glass desserts. Layers look great in glasses, so present your guests with shot glass desserts like strawberry shortcake, three-layer mousse, or Meyer lemon parfaits.

Summer Wedding Desserts

7. Macarons. You’ve probably seen many pictures of these light, colorful French meringue-based confections. They’re among the most fun and delightful desserts you can offer!

Edible Wedding Favors

8. Chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks. Another portable dessert item is a dipped pretzel. Chocolate works perfectly for this. You can also dress them up with salted caramel drizzle, toffee bits, crushed nuts, etc.

Fatty Sundays Chocolate Dipped Pretzels 
Image from Fatty Sundays
9. Cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies? This is another sweet treat that comes in so many varieties that you’ll definitely have enough choices for all of your guests. Offer up milk or cream-based alcoholic drinks on the side to add a little extra touch to this traditional sweet treat.

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