Friday, September 2, 2016

7 Creative Ways to Use Ice at Your Wedding

Creative Forms of Ice for Your Wedding
The idea of an ice sculpture at a wedding usually invokes a sense of opulence and indulgence. When it comes to summer weddings, though, ice is more of a necessity than a splurge! There’s more to ice than just traditional ice sculptures. Check out some of these ideas that will surely cool off your summer wedding:

1. An ice bar. This is an amazing idea if you’re serving cold food during the reception. An ice bar can be made in different sizes and can be engraved with your initials or an image of your choice. You can insert an ice luge for a creative way to serve icy cold drinks, too.

2. Ice furniture. Can you image serving up cocktails on tables made of ice? Or offering guest seating made of ice and covered with protective fabric? Talk about making a statement!

3. Ice portraits. Different from sculptures because they’re not three-dimensional, ice portraits are flat pieces of ice featuring a portrait of the two of you. If you display it near your cake table it will make a dramatic statement piece.

4. Ice wares. Serve up your signature cocktail in glasses made of ice, or have a special ice cream dessert served in bowls made of ice. You’ll definitely WOW your guests!

5. Ice curtains. Picture strands of perfectly clear globes of ice strung together and hung from the ceiling in a long cascade. This would make one of the most remarkable ceremony backdrops you’ve ever seen.

6. Ice vases. Your tables can boast unique centerpieces of ice vases carved into any shape you’d like. Chat with your florist about floral and d├ęcor options that would suit this particular ice creation.

7. A carving show. If you’re looking for some fun entertainment during your reception, hire ice carvers to come out and provide a demonstration. They can create a custom sculpture or one of the other ideas mentioned above. Keep in mind that you’ll need a large space with room for them to work.


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